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pattern writing services


Picture the scene…. you have a wonderful idea for a garment. You have made a sketch, worked a swatch in the stitch pattern you like, you know what sort of shaping you want, then BAM you hit a wall! How do you turn all this information into a pattern? And what’s more, how do you make it size inclusive!

Do not despair, help is at hand. Many designers are like that – they are creative people who don’t want to mess with maths and spreadsheets and calculations and areas…..

The Solution

This is where a pattern writer comes in. They provide the designer with a specification sheet for them to fill in, covering all aspects needed to be able to write the pattern. They use this information together with tension information taken from a swatch to prepare a pattern in the sizes required. The grading for sizes uses industry standard body measurements together with the ‘ease’ of the garment required – eg, is it a baggy style or fitted?

 So there you have it – all is not lost. You CAN design garments and publish your patterns. I can provide a service for all of the above, with regular dialogue between myself and the designer to iron out any questions along the way.

pattern writing services
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