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tech editing services


You may already be selling knitting and crochet patterns. If you are, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are your patterns in a consistent style?
  2. Do you get many queries from pattern testers, or those who buy your patterns?
  3. Do you want to put forward a design to a magazine for publishing?
  4. Do you want your patterns to stand out?
  5. Do you want to build a reputation for having easy to follow patterns?

 If you want to achieve any of the above then a good Tech Editor can help!

Tech Editing Services

I have been a Tech Editor for over ten years and work for many yarn companies, including Rowan and Stylecraft, various UK magazines such as Let’s Knit, as well as book publishers such as Search and Dorling Kindersley, and individual designers.

In 2021, I launched my signature tech editing online course to train others in the intricacies of tech editing and to empower them to start their own businesses based on their passion for knitting and / or crochet.  

 If you are looking for tech editing services, please view my tech editing graduates directory and reach out to my graduates.

tech editing services
Tech editing Services

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“We really value Carol’s experience and skill as a technical editor – it gives us the reassurance that the patterns will come back consistent and accurate. She always works to her deadlines and is consistently reliable. Carol always takes pride in her work, enjoying the projects she pattern checks. She communicates well and raises sensible queries.”