You’ve heard of a KAL, a CAL and possibly a MAL, so why not a LAL – in other words a Learn-A-Long !

On this FREE LAL, you will be learning the wonderful technique of Brioche Knitting.

Brioche uses its own special set of stitches to create a to-die-for texture that’s unlike usual knitting stitches. It creates a lovely warm, squishy, reversible rib like fabric, which looks fantastic on both sides.

The LAL is aimed at beginners who have not used the technique before, and will lead you through the basics of working one and two colour brioche including cast-on methods; the beauty of syncopated patterning; how to use lifelines; how to increase and decrease in various ways; a demonstration and notes on three sample brioche patterns; show you how to fix mistakes and finally how to cast (bind) off.

Each section includes exercises you can work on and will run over 8 to 10 weeks. Each week you will receive a link to watch one or more videos and a PDF of notes covering that week’s topic with some sample exercises to work on.

You can share your progress in a dedicated Facebook group which will be running for the duration of the LAL. Included in the LAL is a selection of free Brioche patterns. You know I love communities and can’t wait to see your creations !

Why not register your interest if you would like to join the LAL. It is completely free, and there is no obligation to join us if you change your mind. Registration is via email so that I can send each week’s information to you. This Brioche Knitting Learn-A-Long will start on Wednesday 6th March 2024.

Here are some beautiful examples of Brioche knitting. See how both sides of the fabric have a gorgeous pattern.

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